Leicester Startup Weekend, 1-2 Dec

Pitch, Build & Launch a Startup in a Single Weekend

Ever had a great idea for a web, app or tech startup business but not had the time, experience or connections to bring it to life? This weekend-long event is dedicated to team building, expert mentoring, networking and pitching to help you turn your business idea into a ready-to-launch startup. With a mix of technical and non-technical attendees, it doesn’t matter what experience or skill set you have, as long as you have enthusiasm to try new things and work together on new ideas.


Founders Social @ LCB Depot’s Last Friday, 30th Nov

Drink, eat and chat with fellow Entrepreneurs from Leicester’s startup community at LCB Depot’s buzzing Last Friday event, which brings together street food, music and entertainment. Part of our inaugural Startup Week, this social is a chance to kick back with fellow entrepreneurs, innovators and founders from Leicester with great food and drink. There also will be a chance to mix up with all the participants in this years Leicester Startup Weekend which kicks-off at LCB Depot the same evening. Come and find us at the Lightbox Gallery at 6pm!

Meet The Startup: Cloudfy, 29th Nov

Meet The Startup: Cloudfy

Cloudfy is a SaaS based B2B ecommerce platform powering manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses both in the UK and internationally. Currently experiencing strong growth in the US, Australia and UAE, Cloudfy was formed in 2016 as a start-up within Williams Commerce, a digital ecommerce agency in Leicester city centre. CEO Rob will share his story so far in building a product based business within an established agency, scaling and attracting customers alongside the challenges, difficulties and growing pains experienced along the way.



RSM Research & Development Tax Credits Workshop, 16th Jan


De Montfort University in association with RSM is hosting a workshop to help local businesses and students to understand and maximise the potential of Research & Development (R&D) tax credits and obtain cash back from HMRC.

Women in STEM: CODE Debugging the Gender Gap documentary and panel discussion, 6th Dec

The first in a series of events supporting women in STEM at the University of Leicester’s Innovation Hub. The Women in STEM series aims to encourage women into STEM and provide a space for women share experiences, learn, mentor and link into a supportive network. This event will showcase the documentary, ‘CODE: De-bugging the Gender Gap’ which exposes the dearth of female and minority software engineers and explores the reasons for this gender gap and digital divide.

Founders-Only Round Table, 15th Nov

Ever feel like you’re running your startup from inside an echo chamber? Would you value the thoughts and insight of other local entrepreneurs who can scrutinise you and your business from outside your bubble? If so then our round table events are a great way to quickly give you objective clarity or a helpful nudge. Please note: this event is for active startup founders only.