Co-working and flexible work space in Leicester

Here’s a list of some flexible low-commitment work spaces in Leicester which are startup-friendly.


We’re opening a co-working space for entrepreneurs in the near future (as well as continuing to promote other work spaces). If this is of interest to you then do register for that here:

Contact us if you know of any other great work venues.


Current co-working and flexible workspaces in Leicester

DMU Innovation Centre, Co-working Cafe: Leicester’s first co-working space. Free to use 8:30am – 5pm on weekdays. Honesty café with hot drinks and snacks

Leicester Coffee House Company: Cute startup-friendly independent coffee house near the railway station.

LCB Depot: Free to work in Gray’s cafe during normal office hours. Great cafe and food in the middle of the cultural quarter. worth checking out their business lounge offering too.

Phoenix Square: Free to work in the cafe bar area. Also offers leases on proper offices. Watch a movie when you’ve finished work!

200 Degrees Coffee: Another coffeehouse that’s good to work in. Quiet.

Dispace at The Exchange: New flexible co-working offering at this popular bar in the cultural quarter.

St Martin’s Coffee: A coffee house that acts like a co-working space. Great coffee and food. Busy.

University of Leicester Library Cafe: Popular with university staff and students. Can be noisy