Is this for me?

“Startup” is one of those ambiguous words that means different things to different people.

Traditionally a startup meant any new business – basically another word for an SME.

More recently, startup has come to mean an ambitious Silicon Valley-style experimental company, often with an innovative or technological angle that is searching for a business model that allows it to grow rapidly. This is model of businesses we’re aiming to support in Leicester.


I run (or aspire to run) a traditional product or service-based business – am I still welcome?

Yes, you are very welcome but bear in mind the primary purpose of the community is to support businesses and individuals who are trying to break out of the limitations of employment, freelancing, consultancy or agency-model working.


Can I sell my services to your startup community?

Scalable startups need traditional businesses to support them with things like accounting, marketing, investment, office space, legal advice, coding and design. However, our community meetings are not an opportunity to hawk such services otherwise our events end up being about selling rather than helping. If you’re prepared to make a commitment to helping the community and have expertise that is directly relevant to scalable startups then there may be speaking or sponsorship opportunities for you. Contact us to discuss this further.


I’ve never done this before – will your community be too high-powered or techie for me?

No! There is always a wide range of attendees from first time entrepreneurs through to experienced serial founders, all willing to help each other out. All of us are trying to succeed with innovative business ideas that haven’t been tried before so we’re all ‘beginners’ in a way!


I’m still not sure if this is right for me!

Come to an event and decide for yourself!