Leicester Needs a Silicon Nickname!

Leicester Needs a Silicon Nickname!

Leicester already has a tech startups community and will soon have it’s own innovation workspace at the Abbey Lane Science Park – what better time to jump on the Silicon Valley bandwagon and come up with a cheesy Silicon nickname for our city?

Submit your (non offensive) suggestions using the comments form below and the most original or amusing entry will win a free coffee at our next meetup on Wednesday 12th June at Phoenix cafe bar.

Here are some suggestions to start you off (hint: you can do a lot better)

  • Silicon Car Park
  • Silicon Samosa
  • Silicon Sock Factory

Judges decision is final!!

  1. Ranjeet RupraiRanjeet Ruprai06-07-2013

    How about the Silicon Mile in keeping with the Golden Mile

  2. Tim GraysonTim Grayson06-07-2013

    Silicon Sandwich.

  3. JoeJoe06-07-2013

    Innovation Central
    Innovation Market
    Graphene Valley
    Graphene Mile
    Circuit Central
    Chip City
    Idea Central

  4. Ron HerremaRon Herrema06-07-2013

    Silicon Thali
    Silicon Lassi
    Silicon Melting Pot

  5. Kushal JoshiKushal Joshi06-07-2013

    Silicon Trapezium
    :D – an abstract shape (there’s some subtext there) plus it almost rhymes!

    Silicon Ghetto
    Silicon Shire
    Silicon Central
    Silicon Farm
    Silicon Square
    Silicon Mega-plex (for good self image)
    Central Silicon Park

    also, I like Silicon Mile (above).

  6. MattMatt06-12-2013

    “Silicon Abbey” has a ring to it!

  7. PaulPaul06-25-2013

    I really like “Silicon Abbey” :)
    BUT my offering is:
    Silicon Space

  8. BrianBrian07-25-2013

    Surely, given the original use of the site it should be:
    Silicon Sewage Tank.

    Sorry, I’ll get my coat……………………..

  9. Vishal DhokiaVishal Dhokia08-30-2013

    Silicon Chutney

  10. Dominic BryanDominic Bryan11-24-2015

    Silicon Walk – reference to New Walk, then take over the demolition site of new walk center and build it up to be a tech hub :)