Start Here

If you’re a recent or aspiring startup, the best source of help, inspiration and motivation is other entrepreneurs.

Our community is all about fostering the “pay it forward” ethos that exists in startup communities across the world.

We aim to support people with innovative, scalable startup ideas rather than traditional businesses. Traditional business services providers are welcome on a “help, don’t hawk” basis. To decide whether this is right for you, have a read of Is this for me?

You can also read more about the Leicester startup scene and startup communities in general here:

10 ways to join us and get started:

1. Start attending some of the many events happening each month:

2. Subscribe to our weekly Startup Digest email to get details of upcoming events: (this is really important!)

3. Join our community Slack team to chat with other people, ask questions, get & give help, etc: (DO NOT join this to hawk business services – you will be wasting your time and will be removed)

4. Tell us about your startup (however embryonic it might be) so we can add it to our list:

5. Follow the community on Twitter, Facebook, Google PlusLinkedIn or Meetup.

6. Add our RSS feed to your news reader:

7. Join our Google Groups discussion list:!forum/leicstartups (no hawking of business services please!)

8. Help someone out. Got a business or tech skill? Why not find someone you can advise or mentor – even if it’s just for a few minutes. The Slack team is a great place to offer or request help.

9. Run an event. This is a community not a club – events happen because people want to organise them. If you’ve got an idea for an event then just do it. Check the calendar to avoid clashes or duplication then contact us to get your event listed and promoted. We recommend Eventbrite or Meetup for organising events.

10. Check out our list of books and resources to help you with your startup.