Launch of the Leicester Digital Exchange, Oct 7th

photoInaugural meetup of a new social and networking group for companies within Leicestershire and the surrounding area that are either suppliers or user of digital technology and/or marketing.

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slack logoOriginally built as a workplace collaboration tool, Slack is increasingly being used as a community noticeboard. The combination of Skype or Whatsapp style instant messaging with specific topic sub-channels makes it great for community conversations without generating too much off-topic noise.

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Sharelock: New startup that disrupts the crowdfunding market, 7th Oct


Sharelock aims to bring together people with business ideas  and people with the necessary skills (skillers) to delivery those ideas. The big idea is to remove money as a blocker to collaboration and make it a reward for collaboration. Skillers will be presented with business ideas that match their skills. They will be asked to contribute to the delivery of a business idea by bidding on and then delivering defined work for an agreed % of equity in the business.

PHP: The Security Underperformer? Sept 3rd

Application security tester Marc Wickenden has tested loads of different apps running all manner of languages and frameworks. The most critical issues he’s come across have all been in PHP applications. In this talk he will explore why this might be. What are the common issues? Is PHP inherently less secure than other languages? Can we fix it? Does it even need fixing? Expect live demos and audience participation in this event run by PHP East Midlands User Group.

New Meetup Group: East Midlands Front-End, 8th Sept (postponed to 22nd)


NOTE: This is now been postponed to 22nd September.

Calling all Javascript, CSS, HTML, Ionic, Angularjs, Cordova/Phonegap devs! If you are excited about front-end design or development, are eager to learn or share your knowledge, looking for team mates, or get sometimes itchy to start coding, this meetup group may be a perfect fit for you.

Startdoms: Pitched! Sept 9th

photoStartdoms are holding a live and interactive pitching event. Each participant will have no more than five minute to make their startup presentation, followed by 10 minutes of questions from the panel and other attendees. The winner will be voted for by all present and the highest scorer will receive five hours of free 1-2-1 coaching.

Open Coffee: Meet The Startup: Graphene Sensor Solutions, Weds 26th Aug

Jamie Williams is a PhD student at the University of Leicester developing new, novel photodetector techniques using “wonder material” graphene. Jamie set up Graphic Sensor Solutions Ltd to commercialising potential graphene-based opportunities and will discuss research being done in Leicester and the potential commercialisation of graphene across the UK and Europe.

Growth Hacking for Innovative Businesses, Oct 14


Dr. Constantina Katsari has partnered up with a team of growth hackers over the past few months and will give you enough tips and tools during this meeting to last you for a whole year of growth hacking activities. The talk will be perfect for businesses who are launching innovative products or businesses that have an innovative business model. You do not have to be a techie person. Just come and be inspired!

Learning to Thryyve or How to Become a Startup, 30th Sept


Paul Ince, founder of social selling service Thryyve will share his experiences with other founders. Working in the technology partner space for 15 years, Paul was tired with putting forward new ideas only for someone else to reap the benefits. Leaving the rather comfortable 9-5 world to set up a business has been a risk and a challenge, particularly as he knew absolutely nothing about being an entrepreneur. In this talk, Paul tells the story of his journey, how he convinced others to be involved, and the lessons he’s still learning.

How to Create a Product in Less Than Two Weeks, Sept 16th

photoPaul Muston, an expert in rapid prototyping, will show you how a software product can easily be created for your business in the space of two hours . There is a false assumption that such products take months to be completed and get ready for the market. This talk is perfect for startups or for established businesses who want to create a new innovative product. So, if you have a product idea and you do not know how to move forward with it, we would suggest that you do not miss this opportunity!