PHPem: Modern web dev stacks – the good bad and ugly, 4th Feb

This round table discussion will be on the state of the modern web stack (front-end, back-end and everything in between), what stacks you use, both personally and professionally, and what is involved with maintaining and developing on those stacks. Join us for a healthy discussion into this topic, there’ll be a list of questions to consider all developers, regardless of the tools and technologies you use is welcome to join us!

Study Jam: Android Development for Beginners, 25th Feb


Google has worked with Udacity to create “Android Development for Beginners”–ud837
We can create a small group and encourage each other to do this short course. This meeting will be a kick off meeting.

Solving the Online Passwords problem, 28th Jan


David Chan is trying to solve the problem of having too many online passwords lying around and causing havoc, especially to businesses. He started testing the business and writing the code a few months ago. Now he is ready to present his first results and get some much needed feedback from the group.

Start-Up DMU Society Event, 21st Jan

Got a problem get a solution! Is there something stopping your business idea taking off? Do you need advice in any areas of your business (idea)? Would you feedback from a room full of tech business enthusiasts? Be sure to attend our event! Let’s meet up and share our collective knowledge. Non-members and non-students welcome. Details and registration at



New Startup: Streamline, a presentation builder, March 3rd

photoStreamline Presenter is a tool enabling the user to build presentations for topics by combining content from various social media libraries including Youtube, Slideshare, Issuu, and Image libraries like Flickr.

Founder’s Dating Night, 4th Feb

photoIf you are a founder of a startup or you are trying to build your team or you want to participate in another startup, this is a chance to meet your potential cofounders.

FrenPals, a new startup that helps foreign students, 10th March

photoIbrahim will present FrenPals is a support service to help international students integrate smoothly into their new UK educational environment. Co-founder, Ibrahim Abdulkarim  will talk about his passion for impacting peoples life and his love for entrepreneurship made him look into problems he encountered as international students and come up with business ideas for solving them.

How a digital product is going to reshape your business, 11th Feb


Any object can be enhanced by adding digital capabilities. Start to do this in your products, or suffer at the hands of those that are already at work to disrupt your industry. Paul Muston will alert you to the threats and opportunies head for your company from his many years of research and IP creation for a Fortune 500 industrial sensor and analytics company.

The pitfalls of an investment strategy


Businesses that aspire to raising investment tend to go through the moves without specific strategy,  disregarding the pitfalls they may encounter. In this lecture Dr. Constantina Katsari will give you examples of everything that can go wrong or has already gone wrong.

Founder’s Dating Night


If you are a founder of a startup or you are trying to build your team or you want to participate in another startup, do not miss this chance to meet your potential cofounders.