Start Up Cafe at University of Leicester, 7th June

Join us for a funny and enlightening Start-up Café where we’ll explore how you can push your idea or business to the next level by maximising the potential of your networks and creativity. We’re delighted to be welcoming comedian and entrepreneur Jim Shields, owner of Twist & Shout Communications. Jim has worked with organisations from small to large (including Sony, Warner Bros and Barclays) on how they can use comedy to get noticed and create intimacy with their customers. We’ll also hear from local start-ups pitching for support and from Leicester start-up networking groups pitching their communities; from Tech, to Creative, to Social Enterprise.


Satellite Applications Competitions – Discovery Workshop, 24th June

If you have an idea on how data from satellites can be used for society or in business, or if you are thinking of a business innovation based on Sat Nav or Earth observation, come and find out how to expand your idea. We will introduce several international Challenges (ESNC Challenge, Copernicus Masters and NASA Europa Challenge), which offer cash prizes, business incubation, marketing support or support for commercialization of the winning ideas.


PHPem: Imposter Syndrome, 2nd June

Do you feel like you’re faking it? like you don’t feel good enough to do your job? Feeling like you’ve blagged your way through your career? Then like the speaker, PHP developer Mark Bradley and hundreds of others, you might be suffering from imposter syndrome. During his talk, Mark will discuss what imposter syndrome is and how it feels, why people suffer from it and how people overcome it.

Meet The Startup: Music Reading Trainer App, Thurs 26th May

Meet The Startup: Music Reading Trainer App

The MRT-Guitar App is designed to train guitarists of any style of playing to read standard musical notation at sight. It is technology delivering an old skill in a new way.

Founder, Julian Wright is an enthusiastic guitarist and a reluctant coder who originated a project he could not ignore. He’d love to make contact with other Lua language coders who can help him over the finishing line.

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