Founders-Only Round Table, 27th June

Ever feel like you’re running your startup from inside an echo chamber? Would you value the thoughts and insight of other local entrepreneurs who can scrutinise you and your business from outside your bubble? If so then our round table events are a great way to quickly give you objective clarity or a helpful nudge.


Please note: this event is for active startup founders only. Sorry employees, freelancers, consultants and agency people but this event is not for you unless you’ve got a potentially scalable startup side project on the go. Would-be founders who aren’t properly active yet might find our monthly free startup mentoring sessions more suitable.

CREATE Leicester Workshop, 1st Aug

Create Leicester welcome Alex Woolley-Allen from Sainsbury’s who will be hosting their first workshop at LCB Depot. ‘Insight into action’ covers practical strategies for increasing the organisational impact of insight on design & innovation. This workshop will be perfect for those actively involved in creating and delivering digital products and experiences.

Open Coffee Club, 11th July

photoAn opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, developers and marketers involved and interested in startups to get together in a really informal setting to meet, chat and make connections.

Food Security and Resilience – Copernicus Hackathon, 19-20 Sept

Calling all coders, researchers, scientists, designers, storytellers, problem-solvers, and anyone enthusiastic about addressing challenges faced by us all. The Food Security and Resilience Copernicus Hackathon is coming to Leicester for the first time.

Hack The Buyer Brain, 2nd July


Hosted by Anicca Digital, Kenda Macdonald, CEO of Automation Ninjas will be discussing how to hack the buyer brain. Understanding what your customers want puts you in a key position of knowing what to give them. Sounds easy enough right? But so many businesses aren’t putting in the legwork to lift the hood and delve into the customer’s journey. Hack The Buyer Brain is all about getting to grips with why customers do what they do and how to use this information to behaviourally automate for happier customers.