Launch Your Business Idea at Startdom Weekend, 10-12 July

This 48 hour accelerated course for early stage startups will focus on learning how to build a prototype, how to find customers, how to present the idea to investors. It will be based on the lean startup method… with a twist!

PHPem: M&MS – Sweet Monoliths & Micro-Services, 2nd July

Shaun Hare, Team Leader Systems data and applications at Nottingham University, will share the research he has been undertaking concentrating on the transition between a largish PHP Application and adoption of a micro service architecture.

New Startdom Weekend, 10-12th July

photoStartdoms have devised a new and improved Startdom Weekend that will include the latest business know-how. The 48 hour accelerated course for early stage startups will focus on learning how to build a prototype, how to find customers, how to present the idea to investors.


Participate in new Xtreme pre-acceleration program for startups

startdoms-logoStartdoms are offering a 6-week pre-acceleration program that helps you validate your idea and find your first customers. The program will also help you prepare for entrance in a full acceleration program or for raising investment.

Full details are at

Open Coffee: How to Thrive as a Creative Business, Weds 1st July

Jim Shields, Creative Director of Twist & Shout Communications will be talking about his new book ‘Three Guys Walk Into A Bar‘ and how creative businesses can move up the food chain with better clients and better client relationships.

Jim is Leicester’s answer to Seth Godin so if you’re a fan of business self-help books and want to work out how to go from being “a guy” to being “the guy” (non-gender specific!) then this is the event for you!



Cake Loughborough: Creative & Entrepreneurial Meet Up, 18th June

Cake is a free bimonthly meet up for creatives, designers, developers & entrepreneurs in Loughborough. Speaker are Mark Shayler from environmental consultancy Ape and Chris Tyrrell from digital marketing agency Studio-40.

Founder’s Dating Night at Apex, 11 June


Founder’s Dating Night has moved to Apex Works. Come and enjoy meeting new people and discussing business ideas with experienced mentors. If you are a founder of a startup or you are trying to build your team or you want to participate in another startup, do not miss this chance.

Venture Funding Hub Leicester, June 25th


The Venture Funding Hub in Leicester will help you find funding, learn about crowdfunding, get feedback on your idea and funding route through pitching and grow your local network.  Join us at Apex for the first meeting and presentation and find out more about the support on offer.

How to growth hack your business on a zero budget, 24th June

This social media workshop by will include how to quickly grow a community online, how to ensure your emails get seen/answered, creating easy workflows, content marketing and user acquisition. Full details and registration here:

GIS Business Breakfasts, 17 June & 2 July

University of Leicester LogoIn response to the interest exhibited at the highly successful IRSA GeoData event, IRSA is running a short series of small group hands-on GIS workshops. These 2 hour sessions will allow those interested in exploring GIS in a general sense as well as those that have a specific task in mind to work through a series of exercises using Google My Maps on their own devices, with the option to expand onto more sophisticated software.