I am currently working on a project called Newny. I help conferences and universities make better data driven decisions with software.

During my undergrad studies I found that if I struggled to understand a topic during a lecture I’d say to myself “I’ll look into it later”. I’d then jot it down and forget about it. Leaving me with a knowledge gap. Like many students, I wasn’t comfortable with raising my hand in front of 200 students to ask a question that I feared could be perceived as “stupid”.

Today I am trying to tackle this issue with Newny. Through a number of tools available to the lecturer in our software. Students can now engage with the content being taught in the lecture. With this student engagement, the lecturers can make data driven decisions when planning the next lecture.

We found that Conferences had a similar issue and we tested this assumption with TedxLeicesters Womens event in Dec 2019. We found that with a tool like Newny, conference organisers can use the data collected at their events to help them make better data driven decisions.

Getting feedback and tracking their attendees engagement will give them useful and valuable insights.

Event organisers, get in touch with us to see how we can help you run a data first event. info@newny.io