A Leicester entrepreneur says that he has learnt “countless lessons” during his startup journey as he announced that he was going to close his business.

Domingo Armengol launched Uni Cycle Solutions last year – a smart bike rack and accompanying app which aimed to solve bicycle theft.

However the University of Leicester graduate has decided to stop operations because of “a number of setbacks during these difficult times”.

Domingo told Leicester Startups that one of the big issues was the Coronavirus pandemic, which meant students (one of his key user groups) were not on campus.

Uni Cycle Solutions was one of the startups on the very first Leicester Startups Accelerator.

On Linkedin Domingo said:

“I am PROUD, EXITED, ACCOMPLISHED… It’s incredible how much I have learnt during this venture. Growing personally by earning life-long knowledge and skills. As well as professionally, from an idea to launching a startup, building a business with everything that intakes. I can only see positives from this journey; lessons to take on board, friendships and experiences that I will take to the next chapter of my own journey. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone and specially to UNI CYCLE SOLUTIONS team, I cannot describe how valuable each one of you are and I am sure you will accomplish great things.”