Leicester-based life insurance startup DeadHappy have recently joined ESL Gaming, Williams Commerce and Cloudfy in relocating to the new Creative Mill centre on Mansfield Street in the city centre.

Since launching in February 2019, DeadHappy has welcomed tens of thousands of customers to create ‘deathwishes’ through its life insurance platform. These final wishes help customers express what they want to happen when they die – from paying off their mortgage to having a Viking-themed funeral.

Phil Zeidler, Co-founder of DeadHappy said: “We’re really excited about our move to the Creative Mill as it marks the opening of another chapter in the DeadHappy story. It’s a great space and we’re pleased to be sharing the building with other local tech businesses.”

Thanks to Series A funding of £4m, the business has grown from 8 people to 20 in the space of a few months, outgrowing the DMU Innovation Centre office. Phil and the team aren’t building your typical business office: “It’s been great fun planning our new space,” he says. “We’ve got the chance to create a space our team can really enjoy, with what you might call ‘unusual’ features including the shuffleboard, our indoor caravan and the War Room.”

Phil believes the move marks another example of Leicester’s growing number of tech business success stories. He said: “The essence of any great business is how it enables effective team working, and the spaces we can provide will be key in supporting our people to deliver their best work.”