Midland Robotics is currently developing a last mile delivery robot. This is an opportunity to be
involved from the early stages of development. A hands on engineer approach will be required.

We area team of world class developers who have successfully built many solutions. You will work on varied engineering problems, from computer vision to relay switches. We are a small team based in the heart of Leicester.

To produce world-class leading autonomous robots. The first of its kind in Leicester. The autonomous robots will be used as a delivery service for locals in Leicester, to security, to hospital applications and will include:

1 Sensor input development
2 Control gui development
3 Motor control development
4 Street testing
5 Computer vision

Preferred skills but not essential:

SQL, Javascript/HTML, Python, Linux scripting, Raspberry Pi

Please contact: Angali Bharakhada (angalibharakhada@gmail.com)