During Leicester Start Up week, the Female Founder’s Club is launching their first networking event in Leicester on Wednesday 20th November 2019.

The Female Founder’s club connect, support and elevate women in business in the local region. They currently offer networking opportunities and are launching workshops and masterclasses, in the new year, to provide female entrepreneurs with business and personal development support.

This evening is for people to connect with business owners in the local area, start a conversation about how the local region should be supporting female entrepreneurship and how female entrepreneurs can help elevate each other. Men are also encouraged to attended the event as to make a real impact everyone need to be involved.

Sukhveer, Director of Female Founders says, “a strong network is one of the key factors when starting out a business so, I launched these events to encourage more women to connect with each other. Female entrepreneurs are on average 5 times less likely to scale their business and we believe that by connecting we can change this narrative.”

You can connect with the Female Founder’s Club on Twitter and Instagram @_femalefounder and if you would like to hear more about the launch of their workshops and future events you can subscribe on www.femalefoundersclub.co.uk.