The Hackathon for assisted living, health, social care and community 2014 is the second event in its series organised jointly by the Vir.AL research group and the Faculty of Technology of De Montfort University with the Leicestershire County Council in collboration with the DMU Square Mile project and University of Leicester.

This event will be hosted by De Montfort University during the weekend of 15-16th Nov. 2014 and brings together local communities, researchers, students and developers to build applications for solving social problems. Applications developed last year are continuing to be improved and developed further.

Problems and areas of work will be collected beforehand. This will then be filtered down by a judging panel into workable problems in the areas of:-

1. Housing
2. Mental Health
3. Health
4. Assisted living
and a Wild Card Table (to cover other interesting and feasible proposals)

To be part of this event please email Samad Ahmadi: