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Business Start-Up Project Manager

Led a programme of support for student and graduate start-ups across various industries. The programme focuses on early stage (pre-trading/ registration) start-ups and I can provide coaching, mentoring and connect individuals with the local start-up community and further start-up support. I also have experience in start-up social media and business modelling of start-ups. I currently run my own start-up in the camping industry.

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Helping charities, social enterprises and startups survive and thrive

I’ve spent 18+ years working in start-ups, businesses, charities and social enterprises. This involved leading programmes, managing grant funds, operations, fundraising, strategic planning and building partnerships across Senior Management Teams. 

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#charities, #community, #expert, #lean startup, #mentor, #social enterprise
Midlands Entrepreneur Engagement Manage at Tech Nation
  • Building tech and startup communities
  • Connecting the right people together
  • Public speaking & Events planning
  • Signposting
  • Startup knowledge and networks

"Brilliant connector who can help you reach out to anyone in the UK tech ecosystem"

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#community, #connector, #public relations
Loughborough University Incubator Manager, Leicester Startups Co-Director
  • Rapidly developing and testing ideas
  • Business modelling
  • Marketing strategy
  • Entrepreneur networks/community building
  • Getting free support from universities
  • Startups originating from universities
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#community, #connector, #education, #expert, #lean startup
Founder/CEO of Startup Studio and SaaS audience polling application

Experience of running B2B software-as-a-startup (SaaS) businesses, app and website development, SaaS pricing and onboarding. Experience of running community organisations and helping startups. Good at helping work out early stage startups validate their business ideas/models.

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#app development, #B2B, #bootstrap, #community, #connector, #founder, #lean startup, #mentor, #SaaS, #startup studio, #web development