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Co-Founder & CTO of AI startup

My field of expertise is Artificial Intelligence, more specifically Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.  I can help in technical stuff, since this is my speciality. I can also help with other management-related tasks or make introductions, when possible.

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CEO of an AI Fintech Startup

I am a Digital Transformation expert with 21 years of experience in large technology providers including Microsoft and Hitachi, and I have led many multi-million projects for enterprise customers. I have an MSc in Engineering Management and an MBA from the University of Leicester.

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CEO/CTO of a Software Development Company, Co-Founder of a SaaS Start Up

Broad experience cross-sector of designing, building and launching products and services globally. Experience with everything from Ideation to Launch and Operation. Most recent experience PropTech; FinTech; EdTech; LegalTech; HRTech; Enterprise SaaS;

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Founder and former corporate solicitor

Commercial lawyer and founder building a network of lawyers and accountants around the world. Happy to help with any general legal issues for small businesses or find you other lawyers or accountants with suitable expertise.

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Software developer with startup experience

Web apps, software engineering, ed-tech

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Co-founder of Industrial AI analytics company

I implemented and grew the AI system that keeps planes in the air at 35,000 ft. Now I help other industrial businesses achieve the same.
Having helped organizations like Rolls-Royce, and SSE use existing data to achieve £100M+ savings, I am now helping large industrial organizations use the learnings to achieve £Millions in OPEX cost reduction. I engage with some of the largest industrial organizations to help them reduce OPEX costs using our high-frequency industrial analytics platform.

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Founder of a micro-mobility startup / Lean Business / Strategy

– Astrophysicist and founder of a cycling security startup.
– Problem solving.
– Lean business thinking and strategy.
– Company core values and purpose.

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Founder of client portal B2B SaaS software

Creator of client-portal SaaS product and design academy which helps developers conquer their fear of design. Experience of going from freelancing design services to digital products.

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Founder of automotive web-based sales and aftersales video system

Product development | Managing Director roles | Agency model and SaaS models | Coaching | Cost analysis | Enterprise software requirements | Global markets with SaaS product | Overseas subsidiary business | PLC and Global brand SaaS customers

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