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Commercial Litigation Lawyer

I have been the founder of 2 companies, one was a company aimed at connecting suppliers and manufacturers together. The other business was based in recruitment. I have also worked at national and international law firms within the area of commercial litigation. I have experience drafting many different types of legal documents and I am happy to share my experiences when it comes to commercial litigation. I can help you at the information stage by sharing more information on these types of documents. This will then pave the way for you to reach out to a solicitor who can actually draft these documents. You will be gaining industry insight into the legal side of things when you are talking to me.

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Founder and former corporate solicitor

Commercial lawyer and founder building a network of lawyers and accountants around the world. Happy to help with any general legal issues for small businesses or find you other lawyers or accountants with suitable expertise.

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Intellectual property and IT lawyer

Legal advice in relation to Intellectual Property, IT issues and Data Protection

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Patent and trade mark attorney

Patents for inventions, registered trade marks, registered designs, copyright, intellectual property law in general.

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Multi-Startup Founder and Business Consultant

Currently building an online wills and lasting powers of attorney startup.

– leading teams/development teams
– automating your processes without knowing how to code
– hiring great people
– team dynamics
– finding the right tools to run your business
– telling people they don’t need an app

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CEO at solicitor ratings site and flexible workspace network

Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Fundraising, Strategy, Legal profession contacts

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