We support startup founders across Leicester and Leicestershire who are working on (or are considering working on) early-stage innovative, scalable businesses:-

  • Innovative:  This could be a technological innovation, a piece of intellectual property or a novel business model (think Uber: they didn’t invent taxis, they just changed the model)
  • Scalable: a business that has the potential to grow significantly and isn’t based on selling your time. If you’re currently in education, employment, freelance, consultancy or agency work you can still join provided you’re also aiming to launch a scalable startup.

We encourage a “give first” ethos to helping other members and discourage attempts to sell services to other members. If you’re looking to get your established business in front of our growing membership, ask us about sponsorship and support opportunities. Any questions? Please contact us!


Are either you or your business based in Leicester/Leicestershire?(Required)
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