A startup entrepreneur in Leicester is looking for a final few respondents to a survey on the impact that remote and hybrid work is having on human connection.

#WorkAnywhere emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic and is a global advocacy movement representing remote & hybrid workers.

They’re working with Dr. Constance Hadley (Boston University, Institute for Life at Work) and Associate Professor Sarah Wright (University of Canterbury). Selina is a sponsor of this project.

The study is looking into whether everyone receding into their homes for the duration of the working day and relying heavily on virtual communication methods (like video calls) could lead to a loneliness epidemic.

To take part, visit here. For participating in this short survey, you will receive: 

From Selina – “Beautiful places to stay, travel, and work abroad indefinitely”:

  • A voucher for 10% off any trip (all locations worldwide).
  • Entry into a prize draw for the chance to win $600 worth of credit (equivalent to a month-long stay in a community room).