LAUNCH: App to improve golfers released by Loughborough graduate

Manish Verma | April 23, 2023

A Loughborough University graduate has released a new app to help improve the game of golfers.

Guilherme Ribeiro has launched Rightee, which claims to help improve players’ shot in different environmental conditions.The app uses an algorithm to work out a golfer’s playing style and the local weather to suggest what the player should do in a given situation.

The company’s website says:

“With Rightee, we wanted to improve upon golf GPS (mobile and standalone) solutions that are available on the market. Every golfer knows that in a normal situation, you can’t beat a laser rangefinder for accuracy. However, there is one thing we believe no one has gotten right yet: shot compensation for different environmental conditions, and we believe we have. This means, that on situations where weather comes into play, Rightee will be the right choice.”

Rightee has been created by 4 Precision LTD, a startup with a single mission: to bring accessibility to sports.

Guilherme graduated from Loughborough with an MSc Integrated Industrial Design degree in 2020. Passionate about his business idea, he accessed support from the Loughborough Enterprise Network as a student. He added:

“The enterprise support was not only key when it came to the financial help, which allowed us to create our initial prototypes for user testing, but their network gave us the opportunity to connect with crucial resources, to fine-tune our product.”


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