A startup which allows shoppers in Leicester and Loughborough to receive cashback on their shopping with independent retailers is now live.

Tuck has been launched as a beta version on iOS and Android.

The company’s newsletter explained more:

The main goal of beta testing apps is to get real-world exposure and to know how your app will feel in the hands of actual users – think of this as a soft launch. We want our early users to try out the app and let us know what needs fixing and what needs ditching. We will welcome feedback as we want to continuously improve our product. If things don’t work perfectly then drop us a message and give us a chance to make it right.”

To use the app, download it either on iOS or Android and follow these steps…

1. Connect your bank account by clicking the ‘£’ on the bottom left-hand corner and follow the steps on screen

Note:  You can only connect one account at a time. However, feel free to connect various accounts to increase your chances of earning cashback on your spending 

2. Once connected, your bank card is now your REWARDS card! You can then visit any of the businesses listed inside the application and pay as you normally would using your connected account e.g. physical Barclays card or via Apple/Google Play. You do not need to order or pay via the app. 

3. Once paid, you will receive cashback within the application in 24-72 hours

4. Feel free to withdraw your cashback, once you have accumulated £5