A University of Leicester graduate has announced the beta launch of an AI chatbot designed to assist vets.

Hamzah Malik’s Vet Pulse uses applications including ChatGPT to create an AI veterinary assistant designed to  keeps users up to date with veterinary news, recent product recalls, CPD, veterinary exams and articles.

On Linkedin Hamzah said his software is able to carry conversations but will never diagnose or recommend medication.

“Unlike Chat-GPT which only goes up to 2021, Vet Pulse’s data is accurate as of yesterday, every day. It’s geared only for the veterinary market, giving technical answers rather than ones for the general public.

“We’ll be partnering with veterinary surgeons and nurses before public release, as it’s faaar from perfect yet.

“We’ve created a learning loop, so it can be taught by an expert and remember things for the future to become smarter. Being version 1, I’m sure there’ll be many areas of improvement!”