Leicester-based start up FoodTrolly was created as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak.
The concept of FoodTrolly.org was discussed last Wednesday. By Thursday morning a decision was made to go ahead, with the aim to help ease the burden of food delivery slots, currently full across the UK. By Friday morning the app was submitted to app stores and by Monday morning they were approved. By Tuesday food stocks had been secured and Tuesday evening this week, the service went live.
From concept to reality with its first three orders secured https://www.foodtrolly.org was created in six days with the help of dedicated staff and a rich software infrastructure known as Rockstar64.
If you need to order food or want it delivered to the vulnerable visit www.foodtrolly.org. If you want to be involved or if you are a supplier and need market access contact www.foodtrolly.org. Based at Fibre, Leicester.