A number of charities and social enterprises in Leicester are set to benefit from grants and loans worth half a million pounds.

Charity Bank has announced that it will target £500,000 investment in the city to address the “unique challenges” faced by its communities.

Announcing the commitment at an event organised by the Leicester Social Economy Consortium, the bank said:

“Charity Bank recognises Leicester as a vibrant and dynamic city, known for its diversity, youthful population, high startup density, and yet, pockets of significant deprivation exist.

“The £500,000 investment target aligns with Charity Bank’s strategic objective of actively engaging with underfunded communities. Leicester presents an opportunity to bridge the gap and foster financial inclusion in areas that need it most.”

David Brazier, LSEC Chief Executive, said:

“This commitment from Charity Bank is a testament to their dedication to fostering positive change in Leicester. Together, we can amplify our efforts and address the pressing challenges faced by our communities.”