Guest post by Ed Woolley from the Leicester Co-working meetup group…

Since I’ve journeyed into the world of freelance and entrepreneurship I’ve very much enjoyed the freedom and independence it brings, but kind of felt something was missing. It could be lonely at times and I missed working with my colleagues. I set up Leicester co-workers as a means to bridge that gap and have the best of both worlds. I envisaged that working with likeminded individuals – on a similar journey – would provide support, whilst the diversity of skills we’d share, as a group would provide lots of exciting opportunities.

"co-working wednesdays" at Leicester co-workers

What is co-working? To put it simply, it’s where people come to work in the same-shared space, but who are not part of the same organisation or company. They typically work on their own work, independently, but enjoy the company of working with others rather than working from home. They are often self-employed, freelance or starting a business of some kind.

From my own experience, just the act of physically working in the same shared space, has boosted my overall focus and productivity. I find myself getting “in the zone” allot more frequently, than compared to when at home – could it be the positive social atmosphere, or something weird like collective brainwaves :s; im not a sociologist or a scientist but what I do know is I’m getting more done.

What I can put my finger on is the knowledge base and expertise that we bring as a group. There’s someone from every area of business and walk of life; from sales & marketing right through to 3D design and App development….. Oh and did I mention there’s a magician too!!! If I’ve got a question, no matter what it is, I can look up from my laptop and get an answer in seconds. Before I would have to trawl through pages of search results from my old friend Google!

We meet every Wednesday at the innovation centre for co-working Wednesdays so come down and join us:

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