A Leicester entrepreneur has launched a new fintech startup, which was born out of his wife’s frustration of setting up an online business.

Tryba is a smart banking platform which provides an all-in-one service, offering up customers current accounts, a web presence, invoicing, bookings and appointments, instant checkout etc. It’s for both individuals and businesses and boasts being able to onboard customers within five minutes, and claims to have perfected the complexity of combining business tools and services into one platform.

Founder Ikechukwu Madu came up with the idea for Tryba after his wife attempted to setup an online florist shop during the pandemic. He found the whole process very difficult and expensive. He said:

“There are other issues related to the setup; get a payment gateway, an invoicing app, expense and budgeting app etc so I thought do I build this for my wife or build it extensively for everyone? It’s not a bad idea I thought.

“It will immediately solve the problem associated with online sellers, freelancers, companies and individuals taking payments, setting up business or settling transactions all on same dashboard.

Ike has been developing the platform for nine-months and has a team of eight. He added:

“We are receiving tremendous feedbacks that is helping the team with insights into what our customers truly need.”