Leicester entrepreneur Laura Elizabeth has launched a new podcast called ‘The non-tech founders’ podcast’.

Along with her friend and fellow founder Nathan Powell, the pair will discuss the trials and tribulations of running a software company without the technical expertise.

The fortnightly show will cover a mixture of launching and running a product-based business, marketing, managing work/life balance, scaling, customer support, and more.

Laura, who’s the founder of  Client PortalDesign Academy, and Project Pack, said:

“This is somewhat out of the blue, but also years in the making. Nathan has a background in podcasting, and I’ve always wanted to start one. So about a month ago Nathan approached me and convinced me to stop talking about it and just do it. So we did.”

“I’d like to think I’m somewhat established but face many other issues like where to go from here, should I scale (and how), and juggling many projects at once.

“Between us we make a pretty diverse twosome. And I’m really excited about the discussions we’ll be having.”

Episode one is already available to listen to now:

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On Spotify