The highly esteemed Leicester entrepreneur Leanne Bonner-Cooke has stepped down as CEO of the startup she founded five years ago.

The MBE hinted at the relentless nature of being an entrepreneur for her decision.

Commenting on Linkedin, she thanked her customers, suppliers and her team.

“After 17 years of running my own businesses, which all of you entrepreneurs’ know means you are switched on 24×7. I am going to take some time out for myself to recharge, reflect, rediscover and replan the next chapter. My first port of call is a digital detox and wellbeing retreat down on the South Coast. Other than that you will find me walking, cycling and paddle boarding.”

She started her SaaS e-bate in 2018 to help companies manage and simplify rebate and promotional incentives scheme.

Over this time she’s won multiple awards and helped e-bate to raise millions in funding.

According to BusinessLive, she has been replaced by John O’Sullivan who has a long background helping businesses grow through people and technology.