A Leicester artificial intelligence startup has been awarded significant funding from the UK Government’s research and innovation agency, Innovate UK.

Predictiva has secured £344,000 to help accelerate the delivery of its fully autonomous trading platform Investiva.

Founder Ashraf Attia said:

“This Innovate UK funding award is another great validation of the creative edge we have at Predictiva. Our team of Data Scientists and AI Researchers are keen to utilise this grant to accelerate the development of our Investiva platform. Solving complex fintech problems creatively is what makes us tick, and this additional funding will enable us to do more of that, more quickly.”

The company says its platform uses advanced AI models to improve financial-trading sector profitability by 80% and trader work-life balance by 90%.

The software was inspired by arcade gaming strategies to make trading less risky compared with other methods.

“Traders in the financial markets experience great emotional stress as markets rapidly fluctuate, and over 80% quit within the first two years of trading. The Investiva platform helps financial traders and investment managers to trade multiple financial assets using state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms while avoiding human emotional bias. In turn, the use of this innovative AI platform will improve the general wellbeing and quality of life of traders in the industry, and subsequently, reduce burn-out, increase productivity, and ease difficult working conditions.”

Predictiva- which started life out on the Leicester startups Accelerator in 2020– forecasts Investiva will deliver a one hundredfold return on investment within five years, as well as create 35 jobs.