Leicester entrepreneur Sophie Hainsworth has left the startup she co-founded six years ago.

Sophie started Loyal Free with long time friend Jason Nesbitt in 2016. Dubbed the ‘place promotion app’, it enables users to save money when they shop locally.

Since then the company has won a number of awards and last year the majority share in the business was sold. This brought in a new Managing Director and two new board members.

Sophie described her time building the company as “amazing”:

“Starting a business has taken me to Japan, to the Google Headquarters, given me the chance to give a TEDx talk and been an absolute blast along the way! From radio interviews, to podcasts there’s been highs and lows, a lot of hard work and amazing rewards for that work. I’ve learned so much about myself and others and always pushed myself to do the best I can and create great relationships and cultures.”

“A few valuable things I’ve learned: vulnerability is strength, people are your most important asset, trust your instincts, put your ego to the side, actively listen, data is more important than opinion, ask for help – and most importantly – never compromise!”