A startup founder from Leicester is looking to work with schools and charities to help support deprived students with their exams.

ExamApp was developed over the past two years by a team of education experts and allows secondary school students to learn GCSE Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and take past papers. The e-learning web-based app has thousands of quizzes, past paper questions and revision materials.

It was launched earlier this year (2021) by 29-year old Arran Panesar, who’s a University of Oxford graduate on a mission to “provide accessible, low-cost, quality education to young students around the world”.

ExamApp is partnering with schools and children’s charities in order to support students from deprived backgrounds to get free access to ExamApp.

Now, the startup is offering ‘subscription donations’ so the public and corporates can support families who cannot afford the annual subscription fee.

Founder Arran Panesar says he wants to “make a positive impact around the world”.

To find out more visit: https://examapp.co.uk/