A Leicester graduate is celebrating after onboarding his first user to a new platform, which aims to “make life easier for charities”.

‘Swipify’ is the brainchild of Hamzah Malik and it enables users to donate to charities through a simple swipe of a screen.

Malik says it cuts down the time it takes to donate and reduces the bounce rate for charities.

“A while ago I split Regent in half, making us 50% an agency delivering amazing work for clients, and 50% software company, making cool apps and platforms for the wider public. One of these SaaS tools was Swipify, and I’m indebted to the team for pulling this off.

“Swipify has been in stealth mode for a while, and we’re now onboarding our first USA charity, which is really exciting. Through Swipify, charities have raised over £20,000 in a few days, with donors raving about the simple ‘swipe, tap, donate’ tech.”