surveyFirstly a big thank you to the 54 people who responded to our feedback survey – it had given us a really healthy sample size and offers some fairly clear conclusions.

Click here to download a PDF of the main results.

Click here to download a PDF of teh responses from just those currently engaged in a startup

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What We Learnt

  1. Nearly two thirds of respondents are eitehr activive with a startup or considering it
  2. Overall, people are enjoying the various events that exist within the community
  3. Midweek days (Tues, Weds & Thurs) were moderately prefereable for events with a mind preference for mornings and evenings over afternoons. There is a potential self-selection issue given the historic prevalence of Wednesday mornings.
  4. Individuals expressed a clear preference for attending events on a monthly frequency. This was 50% overall and 75% for active startup people.
  5. Clear preference for networking events, seminars, talks & lectures across all segments
  6. Regarding event subject matter, groups expressed preference for tech experts plus new or accomplished startup entrepreneurs. Additionally, active startup people also liked business model and marketing experts.
  7. Event timings and locations where the main barriers to peoples’ attendence across all segments
  8. Likelihood of getting involved with a startup was nearly 50% across all groups (even split between definite and quite likely). For active startup people this goes up to 75% (50% definite, 25% quite likely)
  9. Three key needs identified that would make people more likely to startup: Finding a suitable idea, Finding the time, Finding suitable business partners
  10. 56% of respondents said they were more likely to startup as a result of attending community events.