Leicester and Leicestershire has been highlighted as one of the areas of the UK with the largest number of high-growth and innovative companies.

In a report commissioned by the Midlands Innovation Commercialisation of Research Accelerator Leicester and Leicestershire came first in the East Midlands and second in the whole of the Midlands for total companies, SME’s and high-growth  businesses.

The research shows that Leicester and Leicestershire combined has 433 high-growth companies and the East Midlands businesses saw £744m investment between 2011-2020. Leicestershire makes up £202m of that total figure.

Beauhurst, which is a platform that provides data on the UK’s high-growth and innovative companies, conducted the study.

They found that high-growth companies are overrepresented in regions or cities with universities, which is likely due to the contribution of spinouts and student startups to high-growth populations.

Loughborough University saw the highest number of business spinouts with 12, then the University of  Leicester eight and De Montfort University with four.

Henry Whorwood Head of Research and Consultancy at Beauhurst said:

“This report shows the future is bright for highgrowth businesses in the Midlands and those looking to invest in them.”

You can read the whole report here.