De Montfort University is offering a limited number of business masterclasses free to startups.

The Crucible Project is an entrepreneurship programme for DMU graduates but each month from December to June they are making 10 places available to SME’s.

Each session will cover essentials like marketing, finance, intellectual property law, copywriting and growth management and will be delivered by a businessperson who is an expert within their field. 

The sessions are:

  • Branding – December 8 and 9, Innovation Centre, DMU. 
  • Discover, Design and Diversity – January 23 and 24, Innovation Centre, DMU.
  • Copywriting – February 9 and 10, Innovation Centre, DMU.
  • Intellectual Property – March 23 and 24, Innovation Centre, DMU.
  • Financing your businesses – April 13 and 14, Innovation Centre, DMU.
  • Marketing and Social Media – May 25 and 26, , Innovation Centre, DMU.
  • Project Management – June 1 and 2, , Innovation Centre, DMU.

Detailed information about each masterclass and how to book can be found on their website.