A Loughborough graduate has launched a new platform aimed at helping athletes and parents improve their performance, self-development and overall wellbeing.

The Athlete Place is for sports people across all sports and their support networks, and it’s been created using the lived experiences of elite athletes, experts and evidence-based research.

Founder Joe Fuggle came up with the platform following his own mental health challenges which led to him quitting sport altogether.

Speaking to Loughborough University, he previously spoke about this:

“I realised that there wasn’t anything out there for athletes in my situation, whilst also noticing an increasing number either going through tough times or quitting altogether.

Early on in my start-up journey, I realised there was far more to athlete wellbeing and support than just mental health. It occurred to me that parents are almost always their athlete’s no.1 fan and supporter. But if they don’t receive the correct guidance themselves, then how can they support their athlete to the best of their ability?

The Athlete Place currently work with schools, governing bodies, teams and charities involved in sport.

You can fid out more here.