A startup founded by a Loughborough University graduate has been bought by a billion-pound software company.

Alcuris was started as a university project by Alex Nash in 2015 and has now been acquired by The Access Group, a leading provider of business management software.

Alcuris is a combination of hardware and software, and enables users to manage the care for their loved ones. The idea for it came when Alex’s grandfather was diagnosed with dementia.

Alex Nash said:

“The Alcuris team is thrilled to be joining The Access Group, whose Health and Social Care division is the leading provider to the local government, health and social care sectors in the UK. Earlier this month we announced our partnership with Medequip Assistive Technology Ltd and Wirral Council; the first local authority to deploy next generation telecare services at scale. As part of the Access family, we look forward to setting the standard in a digital care system that connects people, data and services and enables intelligent care decisions at the speed of life.”

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