The founder of a startup in Leicestershire is looking for feedback to her new business. 

Dissertology was launched by Nicola Thomas last month (Nov 2021) and it aims to “support students—undergraduates, masters and PhDs—achieve dissertation success, increase happiness and boost employability.”

The former university professor was inspired to seek feedback on her ideas through the book ‘The Mom Test’, by Rob Fitzpatrick.

“Asking someone you already know well, and particularly someone who loves us – let’s say, mum or dad – is precarious. Our loved ones will tell us what we want to hear. As nice as this is, this type of feedback is dangerous! It can blinker us into thinking something is good, when in fact, it’s a dud! We want to avoid this scenario at all costs by carrying out what Rob Fitzpatrick, the best-selling author calls the ‘The Mom Test‘”

Thomas adds:

“Today marks the start of our feedback campaign. If we’ve reached out to you, or you stumble across our blog, here’s why we would absolutely love a tiny bit of your time. It will make all the difference – not just for us, but for emerging self leaders everywhere.”

To help Dissertology with their feedback campaign, visit here.