is a Leicester startup created out of a personal need to help keep one of the founder’s own parents safe in their own home.

Co-founder Rajen Thanki shares his story…

What started out as something to help ourselves has developed into a system that can have a massive positive impact to many people.

Our unique home monitoring system that has the ability to detect falls and has already alerted a correct fall, for a lady who is 84, suffers from dementia, lives alone and has had multiple falls before. successfully alerted her daughter who lives here in the UK, her daughter was able to be alerted for the fall and contacted social services in France and a carer was there beside her mother after only 20 minutes. 25 minutes later emergency services were there to give her a check over and make sure she was ok – which luckily she was.

Had it not been for our system this lady would have remained on the floor and alone for hours until carers came back to visit her.

We know this type of thing happens all the time with many people not being able to get up after a fall and spending numerous hours and in some cases days on the floor before help is at hand.

Knowing we have the ability to help the vulnerable is a truly fulfilling feeling.

We’ve since alerted for another fall and this gives us, a small start-up all the energy and belief that we have something that can be great and motivation to continue to grow.