Pera Training have developed a new course for Leicester & Leicestershire start-up owners and business leaders from any small to medium sized company, that want to gain an entrepreneurial edge….


We’ve combined the best work out there on lean start-up methodology, dealing with extreme uncertainty in a business context, innovation for business and essential leadership for communicating and influencing.

Subjects addressed include:

  • Exploring the risks your business faces and your competitive environment
  • Introducing the Lean Start-up methodology
  • Testing and learning from minimum viable products, prototypes and fast cheap tests
  • Your customers and users and their needs that you serve
  • Building a vision and a plan
  • Articulating and delivering your strategy
  • Communicating your mission and engaging others when you need them on board
  • Understanding and using innovation as a process for problem solving and creating value
  • Progression options – showing you where else to get support and development

We’re also taking a different approach to the delivery of the course, based on some key assumptions:

  • Taking a whole day out for training can be tough to justify, particularly for those who work alone or in a very small team. Providing training in small chunks online could be more flexible for SME business owners.
  • Much of how people in this situation learn is through online searches and videos, but that can lead to gaps in knowledge when “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Adding structure to content curated from the wider world can be as useful as training made for purpose.
  • Social experiences are still important to learning, but we can have some of those online within a community of peers.
  • Short facilitated workshops to attend in person are still helpful to put skills into practical use and learn from each other’s experiences.

We’ll provide small chunks of content in the form of videos (like the one below), articles and links, as well as ‘how to’ guides, downloadable templates and exercises to try.  You can pick which subjects are most valuable to you, or binge out on everything available.

All of this will be through a social learning platform called Fuse, provided by these guys , so you can interact with others going on the same journey.

We expect that members of the community will share their experiences of using the tools and approaches, and members will be able to share their challenges to get different perspectives.  We’ll hold a gathering to get to know each other at the beginning of the pilot and invite participants to a facilitated practical session a few weeks later.

The feedback from our participants is our measure of whether we are making the biggest difference we can.  If you join up we’ll want to interview you in July to found out what difference you have made to your business because of your involvement in the pilot.  Based on this we’ll be able to work out what worked best, what needs changing and what we can add.

There’s no fee to be in the pilot, as it’s fully funded by the European Social Fund, guided by the Leicester and Leicestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LLEP).

More details are available as a PDF download here.

We have limited places, so act quickly to secure yours.  Find out more or sign up by contacting Will Woodward on

will woodward peraWill Woodward is an Innovation Coach for Pera Training and helps small and large companies to access their entrepreneurial edge.  Find out more on LinkedIn