A Leicester founder has described his startup being acquired as a “proud” moment.

Aidan Rooney began Vehicle Vision in 2010 with the aim of understanding how video could be used in aftersales services in the automotive industry. Since then the company has developed software which uses personalised videos to increase customer satisfaction, spend and brand loyalty.

The startup was acquired by CitNow Group, as announced by the company’s founder a week ago.

Aidan said:

“It’s been an amazing journey from startup to now being part of a fabulous organisation that both shares our values and provides opportunities for our products on a truly global scale. Watch this space for our latest product Assist!

“Of course, the journey from startup has truly been a life experience. The exposure to new opportunities (with an open mind), encountering a multitude of fascinating people, creating a subsidiary in Japan… the list goes on.”

On Linkedin he has shared some of the learnings from his entrepreneurial journey.

“One of the key learnings I have is ‘you can’t do it alone’! You need a fabulous team, and that includes family, friends, advisors etc. all of whom I personally consider as the ‘team’, in addition to our fabulous VV team of course!”