A Leicestershire founder who designs 3D printed prosthetic arms for children has been recognised by her old school.

Loughborough graduate Kate Walker, the founder of ExpHand, returned to her high school in Wolverhampton for the unveiling of an Innovate UK Purple Plaque.

The initiative is part of a national programme where 150 plaques are being displayed to celebrate the outstanding contributions of women innovators.

Kate said:

“It’s such an encouragement to be recognized among Women in Innovation, showing that not only is there support and recognition for ExpHand Prosthetics, but also for myself as its founder.

“I hope it will inspire more women to start their own companies and take on new leadership roles.

“I hope it serves as inspiration for current and future students at the school to pursue their interests, take those sometimes scary leaps of faith, and go out and change the world!”

The event was attended by the Mayor of Wolverhampton, who expressed immense pride in recognising a former pupil’s remarkable journey and ground-breaking contributions. Councillor Linda Leach said:

“I knew being Mayor would allow me to meet some inspirational people and today I got to meet just such a person.”