A startup born out of a Leicester founder’s “stressful” and “nasty” experience with a landlord has just launched its landing page.

LetIN is the brainchild of Alicia Porter, who started the company after a problem renting a property.

“It caused a lot of ongoing issues and we weren’t supported at all from the agent either which was tough and left a bitter taste.”

“It turns out there are many stories like this, some more severe but mostly just a lack of somewhere that encourages accountability and an open, honest forum.”

LetIN enables renters to report problems and track it through to resolution, as well as leave ratings for landlords and agents.

The entrepreneur says she aims to provide a platform where not only tenants can be heard and respected but also where issue resolution is placed at the forefront.

LetIN received an initial pre-seed investment for £55k from Bethnal Green Ventures and there are plans for the next round in July.

An accompanying app to the website is due to launch in May.