Business Transformer: 8th – 24th Feb

Turn your business experience and expertise into a passive income machine

Leicester Startups is pleased to present a series of six workshops aimed at existing business owners who want to move out of the feast-and-famine cycle of traditional work and spin-off innovative passive income streams.

In this programme we will discuss the process of product creation using Lean startup principles, including modelling your business, using insights and rapid experimentation.

The whole series is free, thanks to funding through the LLEP Business Gateway.

The Programme

Each of the six workshops will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-2pm. They will involve practical teaching, activities and a Q&A with an experienced entrepreneur. To get the most out of this programme, you will be expected to attend each session. We understand that your day jobs might get in the way on occasion, so we will record each session, but this has most impact if you can contribute, ask questions and discuss!

Workshop 1, Tues 8th Feb: Building products instead of your time 
  • Practicing entrepreneurial mindsets requires several fundamental mindset changes. We will explain why income follows assets, what asset creation is to really shape your thinking from selling time and the main principles behind this approach. 
Workshop 2, Thurs 10th Feb: What's your business model?
  • At the early stages of a new product or service  people often struggle to see your vision . Communicating your idea clearly and concisely to your key stakeholders is critically important to gain their buy-in. We teach you to model your business using a nine-box canvas and get you to think holistically about your business. 
Workshop 3, Tues 15th Feb: Why customer insights are so important
  • Businesses only have a limited runway of finances and time; therefore, we must operate using a time-boxed approach to fit development of products around your day job. We teach you how to run Lean sprints, define a plan and choose a set of experiments to run to understand your clients and the insights they bring to your business to help you to package your products. 
Workshop 4, Thurs 17th Feb: How to package your offering 
  • We take you through the process of understanding the problems worth solving from customer insights and how to package a solution that gets you to ask some critical questions, that allows you to scale your offering. We explain how quickly releasing your offering and using customer feedback is critical to beat the issue of perfectionism. 
Workshop 5, Tues 22nd Feb:  Creating digital, scalable assets
  • A simple definition of a business asset is “anything that would still be valuable if you and your team disappeared”. We help you to understand how to create these and the type of assets that are available so you can continue to build on your chosen product. 
Workshop 6, Thurs 24th Feb: Keep on iterating your ideas 
  • Building on the sprint format, we discuss the cycle of valuable asset creation. This is an iterative process and should be approached as such. We will discuss how to generate other ideas, and keep on improving your asset creation to continue doing this following the workshops.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for our accelerator you must fit the following criteria:-

  • Able to commit to a six-week flexible programme with 4 hours attendance to sessions each week
  • Based in Leicester or Leicestershire
  • Registered company, sole trader or partnership less than 12 months trading

We believe diversity makes for more successful businesses and warmly welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

If you’re not sure whether this is for you or would like further information please do drop us an email at or contact Sam Larke on 07794 601005.

Application Process

To apply, please click on the application questionnaire link below and complete your responses. We will close for applications on Friday 28th Jan and announce the successful participants early the following week.

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Venue & Virtual

Covid restrictions permitting, some of the activities may be delivered from our new COVID safe co-working space. However, the entire programme will also be available via Zoom. All the workshops will also be recorded.

Our Team & Community

Leicester Startups has been helping founders of local start-ups since 2013 through events, networking and mentoring.

Our team are hugely experienced at listening to startups and making great introductions and recommendations.

This is backed up by an amazing list of mentors and experts available to help you free of charge. these include experienced serial entrepreneurs through to legal experts, coders, designers and investors.

You’ll get full access to them as well as recommended books, blogs and other resources via our community Help Engine.

Sponsors & Supporters

The project is funded by LLEP (Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership) Business Gateway. The Business Gateway is a one stop shop for all types of business throughout Leicester and Leicestershire, particularly SMEs and microbusinesses.