Leicester based ‘death insurance’ startup DeadHappy has announced its revenue has grown by 120% in 2021 so far.

The insurtech firm allows people to choose alternative ways to leave their payouts to loved ones, including sending your ashes to space, paying off your mortgage and gifting your mates with a trip to Vegas.

The company says its seen an 87% year-on-year rise in consumers searching for these ‘Deathwishes’.

According to its data, DeadHappy has seen the strongest growth from consumers aged 55-60 years old, followed closely by 25-29-year-olds, revealing customers both young and old are seeking a more straightforward, fully digital pay-as-you-go life insurance provider.

Speaking about the company’s growth, Andy Knott, co-founder of DeadHappy, told Insurtech Digital magazine:

“Increasingly people are becoming more comfortable talking about and planning for their death. The traditional life insurance providers, which are steeped in dull and long-winded application processes and outdated approaches, are just not appealing to consumers these days. People want to be able to set up their life insurance easily, affordably and in a way they understand – and maybe even enjoy the process along the way.”

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We spoke to Phil Zeidler, the founder of DeadHappy for the Leicester Startups Podcast. In this episode we discuss how Phil went from being a door-to-door salesman to an entrepreneur. He tells us how his first business partner ran off with all of his money and his own near death experience.

You can listen to it here: