The East Midlands tech sector attracted more than $93million in 2020, according to the latest Tech Nation report.

Investment in the region is up by almost 300% from the previous year and is the biggest backing of East Midlands businesses since 2017 ($150.39million).

In total $396.32million has been invested in Leicester, Nottingham and Derby’s tech sector in the last five years.

It comes as the UK as a whole hit a record high for attracting tech VC investment.

Just the US ($1443bn) and China ($44.5bn) attracted more than Britain, which saw $15bn coming in.

According to the report, VC investment in Leicester (city) firms came in at £1million and the one ‘unicorn’ in the whole of the East Midlands is based in Loughborough (The Access Group).

In the foreward of the report Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote:

“Unicorns now roam the streets of cities across England, Scotland and Wales. This isn’t just great news for the entrepreneurs and thinkers and do-ers who make the British tech industry what it is. As the sector grows and grows it contributes more and more to our economy, a silicon supercharge that benefits us all.”

Tech Nation Chief Executive Gerard Grech said:

“The UK’s tech success is the result of foresight, drive and dynamism. The strong and growing tech ecosystem we have nurtured over the years is delivering stellar results. I believe that this is just the beginning of what the UK can achieve.”

You can read the whole report by visiting: