Individuals with “invaluable skills and knowledge” are needed to mentor black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) graduates into leadership roles as part of a new programme.

De Montfort University is seeking mentors for it’s ‘Leicester’s Future Leaders‘ project.

The £400,000 project offers BAME employees in high skilled work an opportunity to be matched with an experienced mentor.

Leicester’s Future Leaders Mentoring Manager Rabeya Choudhury said:

“So, whether you’re just starting at a new company or a seasoned career veteran, you have invaluable skills and knowledge to share with our graduates. Over the years have you built a vault of vital transferable skills, knowledge and experience that you could be sharing. If you want to nurture talent and enjoy seeing others do well; you’re definitely mentor material.”

To be eligible you are required to work or own a business in Leicester/Leicestershire and have a minimum of fiveyears’ work experience. 

How will the mentoring work? 

  • Each graduate (mentee) will be matched with an experienced mentor from a business in Leicester/Leicestershire.
  • All meetings will take place online such as: MS Teams, Zoom and Skype
  • It will be the responsibility of the mentee to arrange a meeting with a mentor once a month
  • The partnership will last four months –  from January to April 2021. (You will be required to complete an application form with a reference before December 7th 2020)
  • The match is made based on details provided by the mentors and mentees on the application form.   
  • There will also be an opportunity to attend a group mentoring session where both mentors and mentees can share their experiences, thoughts and exchange ideas.
  • Full training is given to both mentors and mentees so both partners can benefit as much as possible from the process. 

Why become a Mentor? 

Top 5 reasons to become a mentor 

  1. Gain the opportunity to reflect on your own development 
  2. Gain personal satisfaction in leaving a legacy in shaping Leicester’s Future Leaders
  3. Develop your communication skills 
  4. Build networks and become part of the mentoring community 
  5. Learn to see things from a different perspective  

If you are interested in applying or wish to find out more please email: