AngularJS Experience at Incubate Leicester, Tues 23rd Sept

photoFirst meeting of Leicester’s newest development meet-up group. Max Friedersdorff will talk about his experiences with AngularJS and we can find out people’s interests so we can plan an appropriate programme of events.


New Meetup Group: Google Developer Group Leicester

Google Developer GroupGoogle Developer Group Leicester meets monthly at Incubate Leicester. We want to attract developers to learn, share and discover more about Google’s evolving technologies and APIs. Our meetings will always be free and open to the general public.

JOIN the group here:

A brief introduction on customer development

Customer development is a new term that describes old notions. The process allows the business person to build a strong customer base, based on continuous feedback from customers and users. This sounds fairly simple but I can assure you that very few entrepreneurs participate in this exercise. And the result is failure.

September 2014 Events at Incubate Leicester

Details of events at Incuate Leicester in September includin ValueAdd Networking, What Angels Want?, Free co-working space at Incubate, Founder’s Dating Night, Business Idea Generation, Startdom Weekend & Bring the Dead Out!

Free co-working space at Incubate Leicester, Sept 30th

photoThe co-working space will be open to the public for free on Tuesday 30th Septemebr. You will be able to work for the entire day in an allocated desk, use free wifi and drink free coffee and tea. Let us know in advance that you are coming, so that we can reserve your space

Bring the Dead Out! Tues 30th Sept, 6:30pm at Incubate

photoHave you started an entrepreneurial project in the past? Has it been inactive for a very long time? Bring the ‘dead’ domain name to Incubate and donate it to a new team that is willing to work on the project.  The domain owners will be rewarded by being an ‘investor’ in the project (equity or cash or any other agreement that will be made).


Winning Bids and Tenders, Dock, Sept 18th

Identifying tender opportunities and understanding just what the buyer is looking for are key elements of this workshop.  We want to assist existing and new-start technology businesses to clearly understand how to effectively prepare for and respond to PQQ’s, bids and proposals for both public and private sector customers. This 3 hour workshop will help those attending to be clear in their thinking whether to bid or not, and how best to prepare the ground ahead of time.

Thursday, September 18, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (BST)

Exploration Drive,
Pioneer Park
LE4 5NU Leicester
United Kingdom

How companies can benefit from using lean methodology

Companies and startups alike can benefit greatly from using lean methodology. Some of the obvious advantages are that they will become a lot more flexible in their approach, they will be more innovative and they will reduce substantially their waste.

What is the main target of a startup?

All in all, if you aspire to become a successful startup, you should be aiming at product-market fit. This is the point that will differentiate you from all other startups out there. This is the turning point that will be the start of your new career as a successful business owner.

Founder’s Dating Night, Incubate Tues Sept 9th, 6:30pm


Following the success of the last Dating Night, we decided to repeat the experiment.

Are you a founder of a startup? Are you trying to build your team? Do you want to participate in another startup? This is the chance to meet your potential cofounders. We are organising a founders’ dating night to help you meet your business soulmate!